I am a big fan of John Gilbert, a.k.a. The Great Lover of the Silver Screen.  John Gilbert played in about 100 films during his short lifetime.  Some of his films survived the ravages of time. Sadly, ST ELMO was not one of them.

JGinspiration 001_2The film was based on my favorite novel, ST. ELMO, written by Augusta Evans Wilson. When I learned that ST. ELMO had been made into a silent film in 1923, starring John Gilbert, I started looking for Gilbert’s photo in antiquarian book stores.  Eventually, I found his photo in a book called STARS OF THE PHOTOPLAY and fell in love on the spot..  I started collecting his films and served as president of the John Gilbert Appreciation Society from 1998-2008.

Prince_in_the_Tower_Cov_Kindle001_2Augusta Evans Wilson, ST. ELMO,  and John Gilbert have played a significant part in my life.  I admired Augusta Evans Wilson’s novels and her style of writing so much that I wanted to become a writer.  And I did.  First I wrote articles for the Connection, a newspaper in Northern Virginia.  Then I wrote silent film reviews for The Silents Majority: Online Journal of Silent Film.  Meanwhile I was writing a novel that featured a John Gilbert look-alike.  The novel, a modern Gothic romance, is  THE PRINCE IN THE TOWER.  Although the novel is not about John Gilbert,  I worked many titles of his films into the story.  It was published it in 2011 and is available at Amazon.com and B&N.com.

My primary blog is Gothic Romance.


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  1. Patricia Anderson

    I have a large silent film collection on 16mm and VCR. There are about 60 films, plus 2 projectors, screens, lamps, misc parts, in Oregon. If you know of anyone who would be interested in preserving these treasures, please have them contact me.


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