Over the years, I’ve collected a number of old photoplays, novels that contain movie stills.  Most of my photoplays feature pictures of John Gilbert and/or his co-stars.  These include ST. ELMO, THE SNOB, THE MERRY WIDOW, BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT, HE WHO GETS SLAPPED, WAY FOR A SAILOR, THE COSSACKS, and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO.  Sadly, most–but not all–of the dust jackets are missing, but the movie stills inside the books make up the difference.

I have two copies of THE MERRY WIDOW: a small copy with a dust jacket featuring John Gilbert and Mae Murray (left) and a large copy with no dust jacket.  The small copy lacks movie stills.  The large copy has several.

I also have photoplay editions of BEAU GESTE, featuring Ronald Coleman; THE TEN COMMANDMENTS as well as MANSLAUGHTER, featuring Leatrice Joy; and BEN HUR.  I was surprised to learn that John Gilbert played an extra in the chariot scene in the BEN HUR silent film.


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