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John Gilbert plays a master of escape (like Houdini) and a master of disguise in THE PHANTOM OF PARIS (MGM, 1931).  The film is based on the novel CHERI-BIBI, by Gaston Leroux, who also wrote THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  Leatrice Gilbert Fountain loaned me this photo years ago to publish when I was editing the John Gilbert Society Appreciation newsletter.



This is the dust jacket of a small copy of THE MERRY WIDOW novel, which was made into a film, starring John Gilbert and Mae Murray in 1925.  The fly leaf reads “THE MERRY WIDOW; A NOVEL FOUNDED ON FRANZ LEHAR’S OPERA AS PRODUCED BY HENRY W. SAVAGE.”

The book was published by The Readers Library Publishing Company LTD. in London, England.  The “Editor’s Note” includes a brief history of THE MERRY WIDOW as an on-stage musical comedy and pays homage to the 1925 film version.  The novel does not include movie stills. It is old and fragile and probably dates to 1925.

However, I have a larger photoplay edition (A. L. Burt Company in New York) that’s missing a dust jacket but includes four movie stills.